Mushroom companion planting

Integrating fungi into landscapes

Add mushrooms to your vegetable garden, herb garden, fruit tree orchard, or ornamental landscape.

By companion planting beneficial fungi in your yard, you are helping to diversify your local ecosystem while benefiting both the health of your soil & the health of your plants.

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forest garden - orange pepeiao kalo


oyster mushrooms on tree stump










Tree stump inoculation

instead of stump removal

Have a tree that needs to come down because it is too close to your roof or powerlines? We can inoculate the remaining stump with beneficial fungi so that as it breaks down it produces the mushrooms you want – like Turkey Tails – for years and years. Why not transform that stump into beautiful mushroom fruits instead of spending all that time and money digging it out and exporting it to the landfill?

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Mushroom Clean up

aka: mycoremediation

Add fungi filters to the borders of your property to mitigate runoff of toxic chemicals like herbicides and pesticides. Fungi uses the same natural, biological processes to break down toxins in the environment that it uses to break down wood. Adding a border of fungi filters around your property is a natural way to harness the awesome power of fungi to cleanse your soils. For more information on the science behind this, look up “mycoremediation”.

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Chief mycoremediator turkey tail
Chief mycoremediator turkey tail