Create your own soil


Turn your kitchen scraps & yard waste into dark, rich, healthy soil so that your ornamental, native, fruit, & vegetable plants can thrive.

Don’t have time to turn compost piles? We specialize in passive systems that do the work for you.

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Worm bins

The wigglers love turning compost piles

Let the worms do all the work breaking down your food scraps. Kid love worms & it’s a great teaching tool for them to learn how nature creates soil.

We offer the following worm products & services:

  • How-to Build a Worm Bin Illustrated Design Plans
  • Worm bins
  • Advice & consulting on worms
  • Composting worms

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Compost Tea

Actively aerated bubbling brew of fertility

Actively aerate your compost in a bubbling brew & apply it to your plants the next day. This simple, organic method combines irrigation & fertilization to help your plants thrive by introducing healthy biology to the leaves & the soil around your plant roots.

We offer the following compost tea services:

  • Advice on the best compost tea brewer and sprayer designs on the market
  • Consulting on how to properly brew compost tea
  • Advice on how to properly apply compost tea

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compost tea

keyhole composting raised bed collage
7-foot-tall tomato plants give over 30 tomatoes per day to happy client.


Composting Raised Beds

This is a way to add composting worms to a raised bed garden for a passive way to turn kitchen scraps into garden soil. We can either offer you How-to Build Your Own Keyhole Composting Raised Bed plans or build one for you.

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